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Awards Category: Construction

DPR Construction
RMR 20 Mass Ave NW Repositioning

Washington, D.C., United States
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DPR Construction

This complex project required the transformation of an outdated office building into an experiential urban destination on Massachusetts Avenue in Washington, D.C. The project scope included extending the 300,000 square-foot original 20 Mass building both vertically and horizontally—increasing its total size to 523,000 square feet. DPR Construction engaged in extensive collaborative design and preconstruction planning, determining that prefabrication would enable the project to stay on schedule and minimize disruption to the local community. However, they faced challenges installing the prefabricated modules without impacting other works or the project timeline.

They selected SYNCHRO 4D and SYNCHRO Control to link the construction schedule to 3D models, enabling the team to visualize and communicate the plan in a digitally immersive environment. SYNCHRO ensured the prefabricated works could be delivered and installed without any obstacles, while aligning to the overall construction schedule. Working in a collaborative, visual 4D environment reduced the construction schedule by two months. By reappropriating the existing 20 Mass structure, they were able to eliminate 6,905 metric tons of CO2 emissions.