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Awards Category: Construction

Safely Removing Dangerous Level Crossings through Digital Construction

Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Project Playbook: ContextCapture, iTwin.js, LumenRT, MicroStation, OpenBridge, OpenRail, OpenRoads, ProjectWise, SYNCHRO
Image Credit: Southern Program Alliance (SPA)

As part of Melbourne’s level crossing removal initiative, an AUD 744 million project was deployed to remove 20 level crossings and construct 13 new stations along the Frankston Line. The team wanted to ensure efficient design and timely delivery of the project. However, they faced several construction planning challenges when working in congested areas among a large stakeholder group. They also needed to upgrade their digital approach to a more seamless integrated solution, as their previous strategy lacked context, connectedness, and did not visually communicate the construction sequence.

By leveraging SYNCHRO 4D, Bentley’s collaborative modeling and construction simulation software, the team established a connected data environment and created a digital twin to streamline workflows and provide unparalleled insight into constructability and construction monitoring. Implementing SYNCHRO allowed the team to reduce staging time by 67% and drafting requests by approximately 88%. SYNCHRO helped deliver the project on time with minimal disruption to passengers and the public. It provided a digital asset that can now unlock new opportunities for the realization of an intelligent digital Victoria.