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Currently a city of 21,142 people, Malthone is expected to grow to 30,149 people by 2052. The previous water supply source was based on tube wells, but they are not dependable as they typically go dry during the summer. The owners of the water system secured Mars Planning & Engineering Services to design a new system. However, the organization could not rely on traditional forms of design.

Mars Planning & Engineering Services discovered that they could create an optimal water network with OpenFlows WaterGEMS. They performed an analysis of the proposed changes to make sure they would provide steady water flow. Access to detailed information allowed them to finish the project on time and within budget, as well as enabled reliable access to water across the city.

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Water, Wastewater, and Stormwater Networks

Malthone Water Supply Scheme 

Mars Planning & Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd.
Malthone, Madhya Pradesh, India 

Project Playbook: OpenFlows WaterGEMS