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Maynilad Water Services operates 67 active pump-fed areas with 1.08 million water service connections in the West Zone of metro Manila. To ensure cost-effective, efficient pumping operations, they continually manage the pumping stations and inline boosters. However, their manual processes using disparate databases often resulted in high nonrevenue water due to excessive pressure. They sought an integrated digital solution to optimize pumping operations.

They selected OpenFlows WaterGEMS for hydraulic modeling and data analytics, digitalizing their pump operation optimization process, and chose a priority facility to pilot their process. Using Bentley’s interoperable, open application simplified data integration, enabling them to establish an integrated digital twin of the facility network. Based on the model, they determined the pumping inefficiencies and implemented corrective maintenance, resulting in a projected plant power reduction of 13% and saving USD 4,000 annually. The results promote using digital twins to optimize all 67 pumping facilities, greatly reducing total energy consumption, costs, and their carbon footprint. 

Project Playbook: OpenFlows WaterGEMS


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Water, Wastewater, and Stormwater Networks

Pump Operation Optimization through Hydraulic Modeling Using OpenFlows WaterGEMS 

Maynilad Water Services Inc.
Muntinlupa, Manila, Philippines

Project Playbook: OpenFlows WaterGEMS,