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The broad-gauge 125-kilometer railway link between Rishikesh and Karnaprayag is Uttarakhand’s first major railway infrastructure development to facilitate better mobility and connectivity. Louis Berger was awarded the design and project management contract for the bridges along a
14-kilometer span, including a record 125-meter bridge span crossing the River Ganges in a highly seismic zone near faults in the Himalayan region. They faced engineering and coordination challenges among the dispersed, interdisciplinary team to ensure the structural integrity and safety of the long-span bridge.

They selected ProjectWise to establish a connected data environment, streamlining communication and reducing errors to minimize risks and project costs. Using STAAD.Pro for structural modeling and analysis reduced the time needed to arrive at the optimal structural solution, resulting in reduced loads on the foundation, which also minimized environmental impact and reduced material costs. Bentley’s integrated digital applications enabled them to complete the project within the budget and timeline while saving significant resource hours. 


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Structural Engineering

Detailed Design of Bridges for BG Rail Link between Rishikesh to Karnaprayag (Package - 3)

Louis Berger SAS (A WSP Company)
Rishikesh and Karnaprayag, Uttarakhand, India

Project Playbook: ProjectWise, STAAD