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To increase safety, reduce traffic congestion, and facilitate rapid hurricane evacuation, Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) sought to widen a section of the I-10 highway from six to 10 lanes in one area, and 10 to 14 lanes along another area. WGI was responsible for project management and design, and realized that collaborative design and construction coordination were essential to successfully complete the project.

FDOT selected ProjectWise as the collaborative platform for the project team, subconsultants, and contractor, streamlining workflows and enabling the contractor to digitalize, visualize, and review plans for constructability. Using OpenRoads to model the corridor maximized use of the limited space, reduced installation of the piping network to save an estimated USD 1.3 million, and minimized the size of retention walls by 10% to save USD 850,000. Bentley’s integrated digital solution reduced time, avoided construction delays, and ensured safety and mobility during construction. 

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Roads and Highways

I-10 Widening Design-Build from I-295 to I-95, Duval County, Fla. 

Jacksonville, Florida, United States 

Project Playbook: LumenRT, OpenBridge Designer, OpenBridge Modeler, OpenRoads, ProjectWise