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The MV Gariep offshore diamond mining vessel was shut down for critical engine upgrades to improve performance and ensure vessel integrity. Therefore, the project involved removing existing equipment and installing new systems and an extensive piping network. Faced with inaccurate and incomplete scanned data sets, incompatible modeling and scheduling tools, and global pandemic, the project team needed a comprehensive 4D technology solution that could be used not only for this pilot, but also for future business turnaround and shutdown activities.

They selected SYNCHRO to provide an interoperable modeling solution and enable remote multidiscipline planning and visualization, which improved collaboration and safety performance through enhanced scheduling. Using Bentley’s construction applications, they saved eight days of overruns on the project schedule and four days on the critical path for two separate contractors, resulting in reduced costs and resource hours. Through 4D digital planning, they optimized commissioning and improved the reliability and performance of carat production. 

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Digital Construction

MV Gariep Engine Upgrade

De Beers
Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Project Playbook: SYNCHRO 4D, SYNCHRO Field